Art & Evil

An artistic  presentatation was given on Wednesday 10-th of April 2013 at 17:00 P.M.  by 29 Mayıs University, Philosophy Department’s  Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmet Ayhan Çitil titled Philosopher Kant’s  view on evil in his work  ‘’ Art & Evil’’


A large number of students and teachers from different schools such as Hisar Vakfı Okulları,Ümraniye Anadolu Lisesi,Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi,Üsküdar Amerikan Lisesi,İstanbul Erkek Lisesi have attended the event.



A documentary demonstration with Talin Sucuyan (28 December 2012)

A demonstration that included Talin Sucuyan’s documentary film on Zabel Yesayan was curiously watched by our students.



Rober Koptaş’s visit to our school

On the occasion of Human Rights Day our School’s Philosophy Club has invited Agos Weekly newspaper’s  Chief Editor Mr. Rober Koptaş, who visited our school and had a conversation with our students. 



Ara Koçunyan’s  visit to our school

The editor of Jamanak daily newspaper  Mr. Ara Koçunyan has paid a visit to our school and had a conversation with our students. After speaking about the History of Armenian Culture & Journalism, Mr. Koçunyan answered students’ questions.