September / October / November 2018



We Attended the Graveyard Opening of Matteos Zarifyan


Our students attended the graveyard opening of Matteos Zarifyan.


We Attended Aret Vartanyan’s Seminar


On 18th of October our 10th and 11th grade students attended Aret Vartanyan’s seminar with their teachers at Feriköy Şirinoğlu Hall which was organized by SEV Foundation / ‘SEV Hand in Hand With The Youth Group’ in order to give a different perspective to youngsters in their university choices.  


We visited Zeynep Akgün’s exhibition ‘Almost’ 


The students of Painting Club visited the Post-Impressionism exhibition at Tophane-i Amire and Zeynep Akgün’s exhibition ‘Almost’ at Galeri 77 with their painting teacher Sayat Uşaklıgil. 


Folk Dance Workshop Was Carried Out 


On 2nd of November, Hagop Ari Güleç was at our school for a folk dance workshop for our students.  


We Visited Istanbul Technical University


On 19th of November, the science-maths department of 11th and 12th grades visited Istanbul Technical University’s Ayazağa Campus.


Traditional Culture Day Was Celebrated


On 27th of November, the traditional Culture Day was celebrated at the school hall accompanied by Armenian music, dance and cuisine. 


We Celebrated The Teachers Day


On 23rd of November, we celebrated the Teachers Day. We thank to our 11th grade students and their teachers who prepared the programme.


A seminar called ‘21st Century Skills and Determining the Aim’ 


On 30th of November, a seminar called ‘21st Century Skills and Determining the Aim’ was given to our students by Psychologist Serap Duygulu in collaboration with Kültür University. At the end of the seminar a concert was given by Kültür University orchestrate.