October 2017




New Academic Year started


2017-2018 Academic Year started with the first lecture given by Dr.Elmon Hançer. The lecture was about Balyan Family. After the first lecture the traditional photo of the first day of the school was taken and students went to their classrooms. 


We attended a ceremony for our greatest poet Bedros Turyan’s renewed

On 7th of October a group of our students and our Armenian Language teacher Suzan       Avcı attended a ceremony for our greatest poet Bedros Turyan’s renewed mausoleum.


Kevork Malikyan’s 50th anniversary in acting

On 15th of October a conversation and diner were organized at our school as a part of the 50th anniversary in acting celebrations of the theater artist and the graduate of our school Kevork Malikyan 


A Quiz Show organized at our school

On 27th of October a traditional Quiz Show of Tbrevank  took place.  Students of 12 C class Baran Kalusdyan, Liana Satılmış and Sasun Yıldırım won the competition. 


Philosophy Club of our school attened “World Philosophy Day” events


On 30th of October the students of the philosophy club participated in workshops called “Philosopy and Artifical Intelligence” as a part of the “World Philosophy Day” event held at Robert College under the guidance of their philosophy teacher Songül Avcı


Parent Seminar organized at our school


On 31st of October our psychologist Siranuş Öznigolyan ran a seminar  to the  parents of 9th grade students about Parental Attitudes during pubertyeyn Tutumları” konulu bir seminer düzenlendi.