February, March 2019



We attened KIMFIBI Experiment Competition


On 16th of February, our 10th and 11th students represented our school at Kimfibi Experiment Competition organized by Erenköy Işık High School.


Creative Thinking Techniques Workshop


On 19th of February Creative Thinking Techniques workshop was organized for our teachers by Mücella Ezgin who is a career expert at Istanbul Kultur University.


We prepared “Mirmiras”


During the carnival celebration activities, we prepared Mirmiras after the presentation of our Armenian Language teacher Tatya Maraşlıyan about Carnival, religious fasting and Mirmiras.


We celebrated International Women’s day


Together with all the women workers of Tbrevank family (including administrative and technical staff, teachers and students we celebrated 8 March International Women’s day.


Vahe Berberian visited our school


On 8th of March, Vahe Berberian visited our school and had a conversation with our students. During the conversation we had the opportunity to learn the details about his life.


We attended Kangru Maths 2019 Competition 


Our students Talya Özkaya, Saro Ülütaş, Berfin Bakırcıoğlu, Zeynep Bakırcıoğlu and Andrea Mentelşe attended the Kanguru Maths 2019 Competition hosted by Private Bezciyan Armenian School. 


Our students visited Nesin Maths Village


On March 22-24, 15 students from 10th and 11th grades visited Şirince Nesin Maths Village under the guidance of maths teacher Aslin Cancik. During the trip Ali Nesin and some other important mathematicinas lectured about the prove of the theorems, solution methods of probability questions and arithmetical sequence. Our students also had to chance to visit Şirince Village, the Virgin Mary House and the ancient city of Ephesus.