The Private Surp Haç Tbrevank High School was founded in 1678 affiliated to Surp Haç Church in Üsküdar in order to give religious education. The school, which was divided into classes by Patriarch Hovhannes Golod IX in 1718 carried on existing till 1770. It was improved and turned into a Clergy School in 1770s. Surp Haç School, which was known as Tıbradun and İskolya (Clergy House and School) carried on functioning till 1932. Nevertheless, in 1932 it stopped providing education. The school building along with the Surp Haç Armenian Church in Selami Ali neighbourhood, Ekmekçibaşı street, was managed by Surp Haç Church Foundation.


When the deceased Archbishop Karekin Haçaduryan Sırpazan was elected as the Patriarch of Turkish Armenians and came to Istanbul he renovated the old building of Surp Haç School (Tıbradun and İskolya) in order to accomplish the Tbrevank of his dreams. He bought the land next to the school and constructed a new school, which he made ready to serve as a boarding school in 1953. Armenian Patriarchate applied to the Istanbul Governorate in 1953 to open a school named “Surp Haç Tbrevank Armenian Clergy School” including a secondary school, a high school and a theology department of three years. The permission was received from the National Education Ministry. Thus, this school which was brought to life in 1953 was presented into the service of the Turkish Armenians as a memory of Armaş Tbrevank and as a revival of İskolya Tıbradun. In 1967, the theology department was shut down by the Istanbul National Education Directorate on the grounds of not functioning properly “through the lack of students”. Since then the Private Surp Haç Tbrevank High School has carried on providing education actively to the Armenian community as a secular high school.