Active Experiment Competition


On Saturday 6-th of April 2013 our 9-10-11 grade students participated in the Active Experiment Competition at Arel  Educational İnstitution.



Philosophy Olympics


Our student Melisa Bakırcı of grade 11 has represented our school in The Philosophy Olympics organized for  Turkish High schools.



Youth Platform



On 11-12-13-th of April 2013 our school has participated in  The 3-rd Youth Platform organized by Mef schools. For the first time this year our students carried out duties in 4 different committees.


Arsen Demiroğlu and Aret Söğüt took part in the Technology committee. Daniella Bakırcıoğlu in the Educational committee, Nirva Aynal in the Art committee, and Melisa Bakırcı in the Social Life committee. On the 3-rd day, after 2 days of committee working, the students made presentations about the drafts they have formed.